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Apple and Google and Microsoft (oh my!) : Observations on Windows 8 and the State of Modern Personal Computing

For those who have the money to buy in, the modern personal computing inventory currently consists of three items:

A smartphone.A tablet.A laptop. Some people have a fourth device in the form of a "legacy" desktop computer, but desktops are regularly being replaced with laptops these days, often with some sort of docking station solution that allows for a larger display and a more comfortable keyboard/mouse setup. 
The three companies currently contending tooth and nail for a share of your computing device dollars are Google, Apple, and Microsoft. All three companies are involved in all three categories of the personal computing inventory mentioned above, but one of these companies is going about it quite differently from the other two. 
Apple has been very successful going after consumers with its relatively small portfolio of computing devices, each of which is powered by one of a pair of operating systems: OS X for "traditional" laptops and desktops, and iOS on A…

Article: Certification Update - CompTIA Security+

Here is my latest article, a piece covering the release of the revised Security+ certification exam by CompTIA.

CompTIA Security+ Update


Article: Big Changes for CompTIA

I recently wrote this article talking about some newsworthy changes taking place at the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA).

Big News at CompTIA